Frequent Questions

Geewhiz Wedding Films is run by myself, Allister and my wife Elaine. Our studio is based just outside Glasgow and we produce wedding video films all over Scotland and the UK. If you want quality and excellent service, with creativity and a personal service well look no further! Take a look at our most recent film highlight clips from our wedding videos and read what couples have said about the videos we produced for them. We hope that we can do the same for you soon.

What format do we get our wedding videos on?

You will recieve a menu driven MP4 HD version on a USB stick of your films for Smart TVs, and for syncing to smart phones, tablets and media servers such as Apple TV.

And we will email you a link to the online version, this version will enable you to stream all your films offline from any Mac or PC and to your Smart TV via Apple TV or Chromecast.

But best of all you can even send the link to Family and Friends anywhere is the world, so they can watch and download your entire wedding film at the click of a button! We are one of the first companies in the UK to offer this unique viewing service at no additional cost!

Do We need to sign a contract?

We send you a digital contract to sign as soon as the booking is made so you know what you will get and that you are happy with the booking.

Do we get to meet you?

Of course. We love to meet with couples, this can be done anytime from your booking date up until a few weeks before the big day, so you can get to know us and us know you as we can give you some pointers that will put you at ease for your wedding day.

How long will my film be?

Depending on what package you choose the Main feature film is around 16-20 minutes long. Additionally you also get your full Ceremony, Speeches and Dancing in their entirety edited and colour graded with crystal clear audio.

Do you film bridal prep?

Yes we can film bridal prep footage. For this additional service there is an additional cost of £200.00. If you are getting ready at say your Mum’s house or even the Hotel where you are getting married we would have to leave earlier than usual to drop Elaine off to film this footage while I set up the cameras, tripods, audio and mics, and film establishing shots and the groom and guests arriving. Usually we ask the photographer to give Elaine a lift back to the ceremony venue.

How long will it take to get the film back to us?

We aim to get your film back to you within 12 – 14 weeks of the wedding date. We put a great deal of time and care into each film. There is no fixed amount of time we spend on each film but a rough estimate would be 30 hours or more. As you can imagine in the summer months we often film two and sometimes three days a week, and with our corporate work and 2 weeks summer holidays this naturally leads to a build up of work, which is why it can take this time.

Are you unobtrusive on the day?

We capture the footage of the day as unobtrusively as possible. We don’t use lights at a wedding as we use hi end Sony A7iii 4k cameras which can shoot in low light as we do not want to draw attention to oursleves! We dont hide in a corner, but couples have told us in the past that they totally forgot we were even filming! – its your day not ours!

Who Films at the wedding and how many camera operators do you use?

Elaine and I film your wedding and we edit all our wedding films ourselves. We do not use anyone else. We film the ceremony, speeches and first 3 dances with 3 cameras and the rest of the day with 2 cameras. This way we wont miss out any important footage such as guests or groom arrivals if one of us is filming the bridal prep. We also have full Public Liability Insurance which covers us for all aspects of public filming.

How many cameras do you use to film at a wedding?

Depending on your package, we shoot with two 4k cameras as standard, and three 4k cameras at the service, speeches and the dancing, this way we wont miss a moment of your special day – this gives Elaine and I plenty of footage to produce a fantastic final production of your wedding day that you will want to watch over and over again.

Who chooses the music for our wedding video?

We choose music for your Main Feature film based on your musical tastes as we have access to hundred of amazing artists sings- that way your wedding film is unique to you.
We licence all of our music from professional sites like Soundstripe,  Artisto and Music Bed that we pay a yearly fee for. These sites have special music licensing systems created where the rights holders have already granted permission to use various songs of theirs for the purpose of wedding videos. We pay for their use but this guarantees that you are free to upload your film and share it about online without fear of legal action or the film suddenly disappearing online. 

But I have seen other wedding videos using a Ed Sheehan track?  Yup… and they are breaking copyright laws and risking a massive fine if caught! It’s like speeding. We know we shouldn’t do it but we all do and face the music when we get caught. We hope you understand that as a professional business that’s a risk we are not willing to take. Especially when the outcome is that your film could disappear from being online. We know several studios who have indeed been caught and along with having their entire portfolio of films deleted they have had to pay thousands of pounds. So that why we  licence each and every song so we can upload it and you can share it. You don’t have to worry about a thing. It also means you have a rather unique soundtrack that avoids all the cliche wedding songs that will remain timeless.

Every song you hear on our highlights films are royalty free and chosen by ourselves. 

When do you arrive and finish?

Depending on your package, we arrive at the ceremony/venue at least 1 hour before the start of the ceremony and film up until at least the 3rd dance for you.

Where are you based and how far will you travel?

Our studio is 10 miles outside Glasgow but we will travel anywhere on the UK and world wide to film a wedding!